Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Article by Dutch Sheets


Article by Dutch Sheets

February 21, 2006

Dear Friends,

We have reached an amazing point in our quest to turn America back to God and His purposes for her.   Great momentum has been produced by the prayers of the Church.   An especially encouraging report is the breakthrough occurring in the Northeast part of the nation.   I was involved in an amazing meeting in New Haven, Connecticut, January 19-20.   What the Lord said to New England and the Northeast in this meeting actually began in October and November of last year.  

In October I was given a dream.   The setting of the dream was New Haven, Connecticut, and Gateway Christian Fellowship led by Brian Simmons.   Chuck Pierce was with me in the dream.   The Lord instructed me to decree three things:

    • Miracles would come to the house
    • Miracles would come as a result of covenant
    • And the region would be baptized into the miraculous.

I’ll come back to the dream, but first I must mention another word from Chuck Pierce to the region.   In November Chuck was ministering in New Jersey.   In the meeting, those present began asking the Holy Spirit to stir up the Wind of God in northern New Jersey.   They decreed that the Wind of Awakening for the churches, state, and region (touching New England and New York) would blow.   The Lord began to speak, “I say to you do not fear the snow.   Even in the time of snow the wind will begin to blow.   When this wind reaches 67 miles per hour, you will know that one season has ended and you are entering into your future.   I say let the Wind blow!”   The Lord later referred to it as the “Awakening Wind.”   On January 19-20, the Lord in His sovereign timing used Brian Simmons to bring Chuck and me to New Haven to minister the message given to me in the dream.   The day before we arrived, the wind was recorded at 68 mph.   The headlines of the paper in Connecticut read, “Blown Away.”

Only the Lord could have had the wind blow the day before our meetings all over New England and the original colonies of our nation as a sign that the season has changed and NOW is the time for awakening.   There will be a move of the Spirit characterized by miracles, signs and wonders.   The winds hit as a sign, scheduled perfectly by the Lord to precede the public declaration.   We made the declarations given in my dream, as the Lord instructed, and the crowd from all over New England resounded with a shout of agreement!   The “womb of the nation,” as the Lord referred to the New England region a few years back when speaking to me, is definitely open.   Expect to see incredible things!

Concerning breakthrough in turning the U.S. government, nowhere is it more visible than in the Courts.   The speed with which it has been happening is almost mind-boggling.   With two Supreme Court Justices having been replaced, the balance is quickly changing.   With one more change, which I predict will occur this year, we will have seen a 60-year stronghold broken in one year.   Of course, the overall process has actually taken much longer, with only the fruit coming quickly.

The anti-life forces see the handwriting on the wall.   In an article found on Reuters, Carey Gillam states:

It was just a typical week in Middle America where the decades-old debate over abortion rights has become a full-blown battle.   But even as they continue to raise money and march around state capitols, the view from the pro-choice side is this is a fight they are losing.

The expected Senate confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court of conservative jurist Samuel Alito, who is favored by anti-abortion

advocates, is seen as a key turning point.   Yet it is only the latest in a series of blows to abortion rights advocates.

The pro-choice groups find themselves facing a virtual avalanche of state legislation that ranges from laws banning abortions in almost

all circumstances to laws limiting the disbursement of birth control and

restricting sex education.

President George W. Bush is a vocal supporter of the anti-abortion movement.   Conservative church groups across the country increasingly

oppose abortion.

“I think Roe in the short term will be dismantled,” said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.   “We have an anti-choice president, an anti-choice Congress and now… with the confirmation of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court, we are seeing the potential for a very right-leaning,

anti-choice Supreme Court.”

In another interesting article, Phillip Jauregui speaks of the effectiveness of our prayers with great poignancy:

The prayers of the saints have inflicted a devastating toll on the spiritual forces that have held this Nation in bondage by ruling over the Supreme Court.   The spiritual forces of wickedness that have reigned over this Nation through the Supreme Court are reeling like a dazed boxer.   The round after round after round pressing of intercessors has worn these forces down to the point that they are ready to fall to the canvas.   Now is not the time to fight as we normally fight.   Now is the time to go for the knock-out.   Now is

the time to pray with ferocious force and confidence.

Jauregui’s final point brings me to the heart of this communication.   Now is NOT the time to let up in our prayers.   I recently received a letter from a trusted friend and spiritual leader, Jay Comiskey, emphasizing this point.   God has been speaking to him through WW II’s Battle of the Bulge.   Here, in his own words, is his warning and exhortation:

The D-Day invasion (June, 1944) was a significant breakthrough for the Allies.   However, six months later in December, they were panicked by the surprise attack of Hitler’s forces in the Battle of the Bulge.   Hitler launched a massive counteroffensive that caught everyone off guard. I believe the Lord is telling us to prepare, listen, and pray for the next battle on the Supreme Court.   I believe our resolve and courage will be tested as never before.

In retrospect, we know the Battle of the Bulge was truly the ‘last gasp’ of the enemy.   However, this surprise offensive by Hitler baffled Allied commanders and caused a panic.   Unprepared troops were sent into battle.   Everyone was caught off guard by the magnitude of the fierce attack. America lost 19,000 soldiers in this one battle lasting six weeks.   We should soberly reflect on this great battle. . .

Dutch, where are we now in the Battle for the Supreme Court?   We are standing between our ‘D-Day Victory’ and the soon coming ‘Battle of the

Bulge.’   The tide has turned in our favor for the battle for the Supreme Court, but I believe the Battle of the Bulge reminds us that often the enemy’s last battles are their most desperate and vicious.

I am confident we will prevail in the third strike.   I believe the Lord Himself has declared: ‘Three strikes and they’re out!’   Nevertheless, I believe the Holy Spirit is calling us to a higher level of alertness, waiting on Him, and listening before the battle begins!

Dutch, I believe we are being called into the Lord’s War Council to hear His counsel and wisdom.   His strategies are beginning to come forth!   Let’s enter in and listen!

I concur completely.   Let’s be proactive, not reactive.   My friend and co-laborer Chuck Pierce gave me the encouraging word recently that the governmental prayer movement is no longer simply discerning the times and praying accordingly.   We have reached such a place of strength and authority that we are creating the times and seasons – in accordance with the will and plan of God, of course.   My determination is that we will not be as the king who smote the ground only three times, resulting in partial victory.   We will go all the way, striking in intercession until we prevail fully (see 2 Kings 13:14-19).

Let’s press in as never before.   We have “hit our stride” and can finish the race by seeing one of the greatest seasons of change in America’s history.   When we do, we will hand the fruit to Christ, who is due all the praise, and to our posterity that will inherit a different America.

Yours for the Cause,

Dutch Sheets

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