Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Prayer Request

This is from my cousin Rodney  and his wife who are Southern Baptist Missionaries
thank you for praying


Date: Sunday, February 19, 2006 3:48 AM
From: Rod Frizzell
To: Iwanna Frizzell , Gary Krug , Benny Frizzell

Dear Parents,

I will be including this information in an email to prayer partners today or tomorrow, but I want you to please have your churches praying for Uganda right now. Presidential elections are this Thursday, the 23rd and things could get interesting. Actually, they have been a bit interesting in some places, just not really where we’ve been. Please pray that the elections and the days following will be peaceful and that those who do not earn by vote the title of president will allow it to go as the people have said and will not contest the vote with violence or ….. Rod and I both believe we are to be home, here in Jinja during this time as all in the IMB here in Uganda are as far as I know. Much of the India/Indian population has gone to Kenya as well as some of the wealthier Ugandans from what we hear. Still, we don’t expect anything really bad or we believe God would have told us to leave. Some of our friends want us to go to Mombassa with them for a week or two, but we’ll save our vacation time and money for when we are with the kids. We may get an all expenses paid trip to Mombassa in April while the kids are home anyway. Some of our friends who are missionaries in Tanzania asked if we’d like to do youth ministry for their cluster during their cluster meeting in Mombassa starting April 10 if the volunteer team who might be doing the youth is not coming. Hopefully we’ll know about that in a week or so.

While we were in Kenya we asked Alyssa and Jerod what they would want us to get out of Uganda with if we do have to evacuate and Jerod didn’t have anything in mind but Alyssa wants us to take her curtains – these are the curtains I made the girls for their room together in Fort Worth when Alyssa was about a year old!! She is so sentimentalJ I was planning to take them down and have them washed before the end of term anyway. We are going to pack up all our pictures and special Christmas ornaments and other special irreplaceables just in case, but like I said, we don’t expect anything really bad – just trying to be prepared just in case. As interesting as presidential elections can be in the States it seems a bit more interesting here for some reason. Please don’t worry about us, we are fine (except for the stomach bug Rod must have picked up while working at RVA) and preparing to hunker down and hibernate till election hoopla is over. Please just have your churches pray for safety and peace in Uganda during this time.

Love ya lots,


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